Here’s a small update on map generation progress.

  • You can now generate maps randomly in skirmish mode (only single-player)
  • Simple terrain generation has been added. Currently it’s just debris for RA1, but the system is extendable.

Not too much new stuff, but that’s because they required some work under the hood. I refactored the map generator to work independently of the map editor, and extended the tileset format to contain information for the map generator. Stuff like which debris to place, and how to place cliffs that go North-South, North-East, etc. Here’s what I want done before creating a public demo:

  • Making variables for the map generator editable in the UI(like amount of spawn points, amount and size of resource fields and minimal distances)
  • Basic cliff generation, which would make maps more interesting and different from each other

Apart from that I need to work on some school stuff. So here’s some progress screenshots:

picture of random map in Skirmish lobby

picture of map with debris in RA1