Newer projects >= 2019

Some things I’ve worked on:

Hanzi search tool

Search Chinese characters online by pinyin.

Hanzi searchtool showing common Chinese characters pronounced "shi"

Smaller new projects >= 2019

Video game projects <= 2016

These are the main projects I worked on before 2016. Most of them are in Dutch, but they’re often playable if you don’t know the language. They’re mostly old, and some are unfinished. The code can be wacky at times. But I still like them.

Spelend Leren (Playful Learning)

Simple RTS with pre-placed buildings. Conquer medieval Europe.

Spelend Leren

Versla de Paalworm! (Defeat the shipworms!)

Plants vs Zombies clone made for the Fries Museum to show the historic dangers of shipworms in a playful way.

Versla de Paalworm

Pirate Kingdom

Unfinished game where you’re a pirate, and you cut down trees and build settlements. Really cool procedural island generation!

Pirate Kingdom

Reiswijs (Travelwise)

Ancient unfinished game where you manage traffic around Leeuwarden. Still somewhat fun in a weird way. Apparently we never finished the end screen!


Open Source projects contributed to

I’m a big fan of free and open source software, but it can be difficult to contribute effectively! These are some projects I’ve contributed to or still do some work on.


Minimal C client for Tox, a project to replace Skype. I worked on avatars and some other stuff like fixing tooltips.



Game engine for Red Alert, Command & Conquer, Tiberian Sun, etc. I worked on map generation for it as my final university project. It’s not completely done yet though, but there’s a very functional prototype.

Tiberian Sun

Side projects <= 2019

Just small stuff I did for fun and such.

Raycaster with SFML

A wacky GPU-enhanced raycaster based on a tutorial from Lode Vandevenne. Using C++ and SFML.


Clump factor

Generates terrain or forests or however you want to interpret it! In Python.

Clump factor

Simple Adventure

Text based sort of RPG? That is very unforgiving and unfun. But when I play I always have to play until I win. Very configurable! See

Simple Adventure