I moved my website to Jekyll today. Much preferable to writing HTML by hand or using Wordpress. Gonna start a blog here. If you want to find my old website and China blog, look at the Archive.

I really like Jekyll, I feel I have more control over my site and I don’t need to work with databases and PHP. I can make subtle changes easily, and the pages load faster and look prettier.

The worst part was making it work with all the stuff I already had on the site. I wanted to keep the old URLs and content in tact as much as possible, but decided to ditch Wordpress altogether. I imported Wordpress into Jekyll, which worked reasonably(though I had to do some search & replace with vim, the output wasn’t 100% correct). You can read my old Chinese blog (Dutch) here now, in Jekyll style. I made old URLs like /wordpress redirect.

I also have a lot of big HTML 5 games on the site(see Projects). Having them in the same Git is kind of a pain. Maybe I’m gonna solve that by putting all big non-changing files somewhere else at some point.

I’m also looking into deployment. Currently I’m just going to delete my old stuff and upload the _site with FTP, but eventually I want to make a git hook so if I push to a “live” branch, the server automatically uses ftp-deployment to update the site. That’d be nice.

But I’m happy with it as is right now so I’m making it live. I like finally being able to blog sanely.