• Spelend Leren

    Spelend Leren

    Simple RTS game taking place in the early middle ages.

    Go through all the levels to conquer Europe with the Franks!

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  • Paalwormen

    Versla de Paalworm!

    A game where you have to protect your land from evil shipworms. Okay, these ship worms aren't as ugly as the real ones. But they're certainly as dangerous!

    We made this game as an assignment for the Fries Museum. I was the sole programmer on the team. The game is playable in the museum on a tablet computer with touch capability.

    For this game I extended a rendering engine I had made earlier with Ylon Schaeffer for Reiswijs.

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  • Pirate Kingdom

    Pirate Kingdom

    Row to win! The idea of this game is that you have to row using a rowing machine in order to gain movement points ingame. In the version here you just start with a bunch of movement points and you're lost if you run out.

    This project was very ambitious. We wanted an open world, possibly multiplayer, quests, living systems, and a lot of stuff. The result was everything ended up basically half-finished. It's too bad, but I'm still happy with its random map generator, resource system, and other stuff under the hood.

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  • Reiswijs


    An older project. Manage traffic congestion and start traffic projects in order to avoid traffic problems around Leeuwarden. An assignment from Leeuwarden Vrij-Baan

    This was the project me and Ylon originally made the HTML5_2DRE engine for, which I also used in Versla de Paalworm!. Eventually maintaining it became too much work and I instead moved to using MelonJS. But I learned a lot from it.

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