Hi! I'm a programmer / student from Leeuwarden, a town in the north of the Netherlands. I'm currently a student at the NHL University of Applied Science.

The projects on this website aren't everything I made, just a selection of projects I'm fond of. I've also worked in C (I like my little calculator program which is extended from a K&R exercise. It uses a dictionary implemented as binary tree to store user-defined variables.), C++ (I helped port a WIP game engine that Ylon Schaeffer, a good programmer and friend, started working on to Linux, which involved a lot of make and gdb magic), C# (Made a sidescroller and some smaller projects with Unity3d, and one in XNA, currently working with it at my internship), and I've dabbled into other interesting languages such as Haskell, Rust and Go.

I'm also a big fan of Python. It's my go-to language for when I want to make some scripts

Apart from programming directly I like to design systems, read about computer history, and use free and open source software.

I also like general history, philosophy, politics, music, watching competitive gaming and playing (especially) FPS, strategy, and simulation games.

See also: My LinkedIn page.